Exploring Human Potential


Does a diagnosis of mental illness lead to unfair targeting? Health Commentary viewer Mary Donohue wrote to us on Jan. 24 with this thought: "The words and behaviors of any person today with a diagnosis of ‘mental illness’ become the target of scrutiny not required of those who have not been labeled.  "They’re not taking their medication" becomes […]

Health Commentary Covers Health Action

Guest blogger to send posts from Families USA conference Watch this page for the next several days (Jan. 24-26) as we feature coverage of “Health Action 2008” — the annual grassroots meeting of Families USA. Health Commentary guest blogger Brian Klepper is on site in Washington D.C. and will be sending his take on the various health care […]

Nancy Pelosi’s Vision for Health Reform

Great goals, but do they really get at the roots of our problems? The featured highlight address at the opening session of the Families USA Health Action 2008 conference is by Nancy Pelosi, Congress’ first woman Speaker. Speaker Pelosi is clearly a brilliant and warm woman, a friend of Families USA, and she was introduced […]

Health Care Window of Opportunity?

Arkansas senator focuses on pressing issues Along with other familiar voices like Maggie Mahar and Ezra Klein, I’m in DC today writing from the Families USA Health Action 2008 conference. Families USA is a progessive (liberal) consumer advocacy organization dedicated to universal coverage, driven by mobilizing the nation’s passionate citizen advocates. I am here at their […]

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