Exploring Human Potential

Home-Centered Health Care Applications

The case of SAILWhen I speak about Home Centered Health Care, I’m frequently asked, "What can we do right now?"  My standard response is: 1. Build teams.2. Include informal family caregivers.3. Get into the home.4. Embrace technology.5. Don’t wait for permission. Case in point, as described in a recent note to me from Ann Alpert […]

Making Sense of the Presidential Healthcare Platforms

One plot that may make a differenceIf you’re like me, you’ve read and possibly reread summaries of the Presidential candidates healthcare platforms, and you’re still confused. Where do the candidates really stand? And how close do their positions approximate yours? A healthcare site,, puts the candidates’ positions on a grid and allows you to […]


Humanizing and revolutionizing medicine through technology Can technology save health care? While it offers bright hope for tomorrow, technology’s impact on medicine in general, and the patient-physician relationship in particular, is complex, to say the least. The mood of clinicians toward technology, for most of the 20th century, has been welcoming but cautious; a complex […]

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