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Maternal Depression: You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

A call for universal screeningA health care professional once told me a story about her bout with postpartum depression.  She talked about spending months in her pajamas, never leaving the house and struggling to function in her role as a new mother.  She talked about barely being able to care for her baby and about […]

A Medical “Peace Corps�? Comes to New York State

Is Gov. Spitzer’s program the solution for New York’s looming physician-supply crisis?New York state has been in a medical crisis and Albany is just becoming aware of the issues. Despite years of warnings about looming physician shortages coming from county and state medical societies, New York legislators turned a blind eye.  In their defense, constituents […]

Dossia: Under-visioned

New service moves in the right direction, but is still a long way from lifespan planning I was asked recently by an MBA student to give my impressions of Dossia. What is Dossia? In its own words: “The Dossia Founders Group is a consortium of large employers united in their goal of providing employees, their dependents, […]

Tobacco Goes Global

A cloud over planet earth When it comes to tobacco, the facts make their own case. This is true locally, as with the numbers on second-hand smoke induced disease, which have pushed most of the US indoor public space to go "smoke-free." It is also true globally. Here are a few facts: 1. There are 1.3 […]

Bloomberg Runs Out of Patience on Medical Records

City hospitals will go electronic on their own It was over a year ago, in Washington, that Michael Bloomberg went public with his own vision for a national health care system. I was there that day, and had the impression that the NYC mayor was just galled by the lack of national leadership on a […]

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