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A Simple Thank You

Posted on | November 18, 2008 | No Comments

Feedback from a reader about Barack ObamaMy post last week on election of President-elect Obama, positive leadership, and our future drew a large number of responses to the site, pro and con. I share with permission one comment from Susan Karim of Braintree, Massachusetts, with her personal wish for openness as we confront significant challenges in our immediate future.
Dear Dr. Magee,

Sometime last year my elderly father was diagnosed with diabetes and a battery of other lifestyle-related illnesses. In an effort to become more knowledgeable in his caretaking, I did an online search and was introduced to your website. I became a subscriber and have been consistently pleased, impressed, and inspired by the wealth of information you provide the public – and more personally, impacted by the compassionate, ethical, and insightful manner with which you address the broad scope of matters vital to the health of our world – the planet and its peoples.

I was so moved by your excellent newsletter entitled "President-elect Obama, Change, and Positive Leadership" that I shared it with a large group of friends, all of whom were equally touched by your words, and the principled sentiment behind them. I immediately purchased your book, Positive Leadership, which I will be finishing this afternoon, and am pleased to see that you are also making the book available through, for I do so hope your positive message reaches as many open minds as possible.

Because your noble effort to crystallize your experiential wisdom onto the page has such personal resonance for me, I feel compelled to offer you a simple thank you.
I am much obliged, Dr. Magee.

Mrs. Susan C. Karim


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