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Thank You, Jamie Oliver!

Posted on | April 12, 2010 | Comments Off on Thank You, Jamie Oliver!


Meredith Magee Donnelly

As an early childhood educator I learned that nutrition and education go hand in hand.  Too often children are labeled as ADHD or a behavioral problem without first looking at their diets.  During one of my summer breaks I researched the effects food additives and dyes have on the behavior of children (yes, teachers actually work during the summer).  I was astounded to find so much scientific research centering on the negative effects of partially hydrogenated oil and food dyes.  Shockingly, so many of the snacks and lunch items that entered my classroom were full of these things.  I was pumping my students full of food drugs and then expecting them to sit still and focus on my lessons.  That September I banished all items containing food dyes, partially hydrogenated oil, sugar-loaded desserts and fruit juice drinks.  Fruits, veggies, cheeses, water, hummus, pita breads (just to name a few) now sat proudly on our tables.  The children easily adapted, and I began to see positive behavioral changes.  Nutrition was now part of their education and they were proud of their new found knowledge.  

Jamie Oliver’s new television show Food Revolution has the intelligence and passion to truly change the way our children eat in our schools.  When a school district can define french fries as a vegetable you know we are in serious trouble.  This is not funny.  We are slowly killing our children.  This is the time.  Start with your children.  Start with your classroom.  Start with yourself.   For inspiration tune in to Food Revolution on Fridays at 9pm EST.  A healthy future awaits us all…


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