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My Opinion: E-Care Is Ethical, Effective, and Economical Care

Posted on | July 22, 2010 | Comments Off on My Opinion: E-Care Is Ethical, Effective, and Economical Care

Eric Dishman

Eric Dishman
I make it a general rule not to discuss Intel’s products in this blog, and in so doing, have erred on the side of rarely even mentioning our Intel® Health Guide. Which also means that I haven’t been able to share what our customers are learning as they adopt e-care (electronic care) or telehealth technologies and experiment with new care models. But sometimes the issues are too important not to mention. And I should say that these issues–and the example given below–are not unique to Intel or our product; they are challenges that the whole nascent e-care marketplace faces as we try to enable new care models with new technologies.
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The caller ID on my phone at work showed the same strange area code three times in a row within fifteen minutes while I was on another call. As I Googled the area code to find out where it was from, the same number suddenly showed up on my cell phone. So I answered, looking forward to the opportunity to scream at a telemarketer.

“Eric, sorry to bug you, but I really need to talk to you!” It was a woman I will call “Judy,” the chief nursing officer of a healthcare organization I have worked with for years. She continued, “I’m afraid we may have to end our telehealth program!”

But I had just received a status report a week before that things were going so well for them. “Oh no,” I replied. “What happened?” (TO CONTINUE….)


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