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American Medical News: Physician smartphone popularity shifts health IT

PAMELA LEWIS DOLAN American Medical News:  amednews staff. Posted Aug. 23, 2010. Doctors’ embrace of such devices puts them at a disconnect with hospitals that rely on desktop-based health technology. With physician smartphone use nearing a saturation point, doctors are in an unfamiliar position when it comes to health information technology — demanding that others […]

The Hype and The Hope of “mHealth”

Eric Dishman Another day, another flyer arrives for a seminar on “mHealth.” One that showed up in my mailbox this week is typical: high-gloss images of mobile phones and heart signals, celebratory claims about how all of this will “revolutionize” healthcare, and liberal use of the words “innovation” and “transformation” in almost every keynote title. […]

Should New York State’s Medical Society Oppose Mandated End-Of-Life Discussions With Patients?

Mike Magee Nearly 30 years ago, when the consumer health movement began in earnest, health professionals responded with extreme caution, concerned that their authority and control over patients and the health care system would ultimately be challenged. To the credit of most doctors, nurses and health care leaders, caregivers have evolved, accepting that the best […]

Is It Safe To Walk The Streets of New York?

Mike Magee A decade ago, I spent an interesting year with 15 young New York executives as part of the David Rockefeller Fellowship. (1) One of the fellows that year was Janette Sadik-Khan, who at the time was managing US transit market customers for the renowned international engineering firm, Parsons Brinckerhoff. She now serves as […]

Why Public Housing Units Should Be Smoke Free.

Mike Magee The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) oversees the housing of 7 million Americans in public multi-housing units. 40% of these units are occupied by families with children. These homes fall under the local jurisdiction of some 3500 Public Housing Authorities nationwide. The mean annual income of households in public housing is […]

EHR’s: Healthy Relationships, Not Health Records

Eric Dishman It’s been eleven years since my Intel colleague, John Sherry, and I first did some fieldwork studying physician practices and hospitals that were in the throes of choosing, installing, and/or experiencing EHRs (electronic health records) for the first time. Most interesting to me of these studies has been when we could get in […]

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