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Featured Reading: Medical Education in the US and Canada 2010

FEATURED ARTICLE: Academic Medicine: September 2010 – Volume 85 – Issue 9 – pp S2-S18 Medical Education in the United States and Canada, 2010 Anderson, M. Brownell; Kanter, Steven L. MD Abstract The authors present an overview of the educational programs, infrastructure to support them, and the assessment strategies of 128 medical schools in the […]

A Message From Paul Auerbach MD – Online Learning Center Planned

Paul Auerbach MD has announced plans for an online Learning Center focused on wilderness and outdoor medicine. Read his message here.

Could Don Berwick Use Medicare To Test Linking Medical Liability Reform To The Patient Safety Movement?

Mike Magee Despite all the progress in scientific research and technological advancements, at its core, health care remains a huge and complex human endeavor struggling for perfection. How huge? 900 million office visits and 35 million hospital discharges per year.(1) ¬†How complex? Complex enough to have spurned a massive defensive and litigious malpractice system whose […]

Health Affairs: “Reinventing Primary Care” audiocast

VIDEO RESOURCE Susan Dentzer, Editor-in-Chief, Health Affairs, moderates this information and expert packed audiocast exploring the future design of primary care in the United States.

The Bug That Is Eating Manhattan: Cimex lectularius

Mike Magee On July 16, 2010, New York City dwellers reacted with shock and disgust at the news, Cimex lectularis had been detected in a wonder bra at Lexington and 58th. The tenant? Victoria’s Secret. Obviously it was time to get serious. It wasn’t a matter of disease – the bug doesn’t transmit disease. It […]

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