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The Grandparent Economy: Is Generosity Enough?

Mike Magee As the first of the 76 million US boomers reach the magic age 65 in January, 2011, there has been a great deal of discussion around costs – not the least of it in health care services. But the reality is that this population has the potential to assist Society if their energy […]

What Do Steve Jobs, The NEJM and 18 to 29 Year Old’s Have In Common?

Mike Magee Change is never easy. It always involves breaking through the status quo which of course holds on for dear life. But trend lines sooner or later do force adjustment. This is becoming more and more obvious in health care, troubled with high costs, variable quality and a fundamental locational disconnect – placement of […]

Why Health Care Is Going Home.

Steven H. Landers MD, MPH Source: NEJM. October 20, 2010. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Buffalo, New York,1 acutely ill patients have been sent out of the emergency department for hospital-like care at home. In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Little Rock, Arkansas, home health agencies provide chronic care management services, emphasizing care coordination and […]

Toward Accountable Care Organizations: Minding Your Own “Clinical Footprint”.

Eric Dishman If , while reading this blog, you have a medical emergency, please stop reading and dial 911 or go to a nearby emergency room. Because sometimes you just need help from a doctor or other medical professional. But what about all of those other times–that aren’t emergencies–where you aren’t sure you really need […]

The Cancer Stem Cell: Unlocking the Key To A Cancer Cure

Mike Magee There are a few words in the English language that instigate fear and dread in all who hear them.  One such word is cancer.  Directly or indirectly, nearly all of us have experience with cancer, but our understanding from individual to individual varies greatly. We all certainly know that cancer cells are bad […]

Should Food Stamps Fund Poor Health? The Case Against Soda Driven Obesity.

Mike Magee In New York City, the fourth largest city in the world, with 19.7 million people, 1.7 million or nearly 10% of its citizens use food stamps provided by the federal government and funded by public taxes. As part of the war on poverty, citizens have supported the program for a half a century. […]

Bullying Is No Longer Acceptable!

Mike Magee The recent death of the freshman student Tyler Clementi at Rutgers reminds us that bullying in the age of video streaming and the Internet is deadly. It also draws our attention to the fact that growing up is hard enough, and doubly difficult for gays and lesbians. Nice kids like Tyler end up […]

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