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Paying The Price For Poor Food Choices

Posted on | July 12, 2011 | No Comments

Mike Magee

A new study published  in this week’s Archives of Internal Medicine had this headline finding: “Better access to supermarkets” does not “improve people’s diets.” The study tracked thousands of people in several large cities for 15 years. Specifically, researchers wanted to know if citizens ate any healthier if supermarkets were placed in their neighborhoods. They did not. According to the study,  “Income — and proximity to fast food restaurants — were the strongest factors in food choice.” (1)
To put this in context, America’s willingness to subsidize corn and use high fructose corn syrup in nearly all processed foods and beverages, has resulted in hidden calories here, there and everywhere – especially if you’re pursuing alot of calories for a little cost. All of which would be fine if it didn’t condemn you to obesity and a chronic disease burden that will ensure a future life  filled with death and disability.
Food processors market from night to day – packaging, airwaves, center aisles – it’s all a scam to support the lazy, unhealthy, and distinctly profitable American diet. But we need to get beyond that, because  – as this study shows – it doesn’t help if you make food available if the citizens continue to shop processed in the center aisles, while avoiding fresh fruit and vegetables in the outer aisles.
Institute of Medicine’s senior scholar J. Michael McGinnis made the point several years ago that people who die early in America have mostly themselves to blame. (CONTINUE….)


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