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AHRQ Releases New Work Flow Toolkit

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has just released a work flow toolkit that deserves a close look. “Workflow Assessment for Health IT Toolkit” will help small and medium practices learn more about workflow in order to plan, design, and implement health IT in ambulatory care. AHRQ’s health information technology (health IT) initiative is part […]

Good Idea: Linking Physicians To Improve Diagnosis

Sermo Mobile just released a mobile application called iConsult which their CEO Daniel Palestrant, MD, says will turn “the concept of real-time medicine into reality” and allow “physicians to immediately impact patient care.” A key feature of Sermo Mobile is iConsult. With three touches of the screen, physicians can take or add a photograph of […]

CDC Focuses On Outpatient Infection In New Guide

The CDC just released a guide of infection prevention recommendations for outpatient services.The guide’s recommendations focus  on outpatient (ambulatory care) settings. They emphasize  the foundation steps for preventing transmission of infectious agents in all healthcare settings. Links to full guidelines and source documents are provided.

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