Exploring Human Potential

Tracking Wandering Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease

The Challenge: 5 million Americans suffer with Alzheimer’s Disease. Boomer influx will soon magnify this to around 20 million. 60% at some point in the course of the disease (usually early when they are still living independently) wander off and get lost. Those not found within 24 hours run a 50% risk of death. Partial […]

Do We Really Need More Physicians?

Mike Magee President Obama’s Affordable Care Act arguably signaled that the status quo in health delivery was no longer acceptable. This was not the result of politics or a desire for social engineering, but a reflection of changing dynamic forces reshaping an out-of-date sector. The three key trends that outpaced our delivery system were an […]

College of Surgeons New President: Patricia J. Numann MD

Mike Magee Forty  years ago, my new wife had reason to see a general surgeon in Syracuse, NY. The surgeon made her feel very comfortable and resolved the issue. As a second year medical student, I was very grateful and my wife still remembers the surgeon fondly. This week she became the 41st President of […]

C-TAC Launched With Bill Novelli In The Lead. Focus – Advanced Illness.

As we move ever closer to new approaches to health delivery, who will help Americans prepare for and navigate complex issues related to advanced illnesses, such as cancer, heart disease, COPD, diabetes, stroke, and dementia? This week the  newly formed Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC) announced it’s intention to fill this void. Specifically, C-TAC […]

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