Exploring Human Potential

Free Offer To Experience Prospective Health Planning Online.

Mike Magee Imagine you are a college student, a nursing student or a medical student, and you were suddenly confronted with a newly conceived child, with a known due date who was totally your responsibility. And imagine that you were charged to create a 100+ year life plan for this child now that would allow […]

Reverend King, President Obama and Quiet Change

Mike Magee This week, the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. had little chance of competing with the continued debate around who should be the Republican nominee for President of the United States. While that decision may still be weeks or even months in coming, what is clear is who will be running for President […]

The Drip, Drip, Drip of Health Care Reform: Insights From The Pitch Drop Experiment

MikeMagee If you look in the Guiness Book of Records, you will discover that the record for the world’s longest running laboratory experiment is held by the Pitch Drop Experiment at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. The experiment was begun in 1927 by physics professor Thomas Parnell who wished to demonstrate how viscous […]

Should Bird Flu Research Be Suppressed?

Mike Magee Several years ago, Bird Flu (avian flu, H5N1), was the hottest topic in science reporting. We covered it closely from 2005 to 2009.(1) There were three major threads to our reporting: 1) H5N1 is a deadly virus. Since discovered in 1997, it has killed some 600 people. 2) H5N1 is not as dangerous […]

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