Exploring Human Potential

Sleep, Nurturing, and One Mother’s Vision On Forward Facing Care

Mike Magee As a grandparent of nine, with seven who are age 5 and under, I’ve had a great deal of exposure lately to early childhood parenting. When our own kids were this age, I was so preoccupied with a surgical residency and starting a practice that I didn’t fully appreciate the remarkably complex work […]

Giving Women The Power To Save Their Lives

Mike Magee Apparently Melinda Gates has had just about enough. Recently she stated, ““Somewhere along the way we got confused by our own conversation and we stopped trying to save these lives.”(1) Was she referring to some new radical idea or great scientific conundrum? Not at all. She was referring to contraception and the availability […]

Happy Independence Day! Celebrating A Home Based Food Culture.

Mike Magee When it comes to childhood obesity, this July 4th, geography will make all the difference. That’s the conclusion of a University of North Carolina study of nearly 30,000 kids.(1)  But if you’re thinking “geography” as in “region of the country”, you’re on the wrong track.Geography here means where the food was prepared and […]

Avoiding A Health Care Bubble

Ralph Snyderman The recent report from the Department of Labor showing that the United States economy added just 69,000 jobs in May was met with surprise and disappointment and has had an immediate effect on the presidential campaign as well as the stock market. What was lost in this news, however, is that almost half of […]

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