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Artist Randy Souders – One of the 47% – Clear Eyed and In His Own Words.

Randy Sounders After writing this week about “The New RomneyCare – Reinforcing The Status Quo”, I heard from a number of people whose lives would be impacted by a Romney election. One of them was Randy Souders, the artist and a C3/C4 tetraplegic since his accident at age 18 in 1972. Randy and I served for […]

The New RomneyCare: Introducing The Old Status Quo

Mike Magee Nearly a decade ago, I participated in a collaborative gathering of health policy leaders each year at the Sundance Mountain Lodge in Monument, CO. The group, called the Health Sector Assembly, is still in existence. As veteran reporter David Broder wrote in 2003, “Organized by Roy Pfautch, a veteran of the American Medical […]

Competitor Analysis: The Future of Primary Care

Mike Magee Most would now agree that we are approaching a fundamental disconnect in two health delivery trend lines. They are: 1) the growing need and demand for services fueled by our aging population and 2) a growing shortage of primary care health professionals. Where opinions diverge is how to address this growing problem in […]

Obamacare = Government Cares

Is our government the problem or the solution or both? Your answer to this question likely reveals much about your values, philosophy, politics, and position on initiatives such as Obamacare. Consider our President’s remarks at the Democratic National Convention below. Where do you stand? “As Americans, we believe we are endowed by our Creator with […]

Announcing: A Unique Resource – The Forerunner Collection

Health Commentary provides a range of informational open source resources for educational use with proper attribution. One of those resources is our Collections section prominently displayed on the toolbar above. In the collection, you will find series on aging, technology, and obesity. You can also access a curriculum on Advanvced Professionalism and 188 annotated public […]

Reflections on Positive Leadership on the Anniversary of 9/11

Mike Magee As with many Americans and people around the world, September 11 will always be a day for reflection, a quiet day, a solemn day. The fact that our family was living and working in New York City on the day of the attack; the fact that I conducted a number of commissioned surveys […]

High Integrity Science + Collaborative Teams = Success

Mike Magee “We’re on a mission to move this nation forward—from doubt and downturn, to promise and prosperity.  A mission we will continue and a mission we will complete… has never, never, ever, been a good bet to bet against the American people.” Vice President Joe Biden – September 6, 2012 The Vice President’s words […]

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