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Cliff Hanging: The Future of Norquist, Rubio, and Medical Science Leadership.

Mike Magee As we have seen over the past few days, there are pledges and there are pledges. It appears that Republican leaders’ allegiance to their country (in the face of the impending fiscal cliff) is winning out over their allegiance to Grover Norquist. But the problem is bigger than money or tax policy. And […]

Employer Based Health Insurance – How It Began, Why It’s Bad For The Economy, And Why Employers Want Out.

Mike Magee Business leaders came to Washington this week to meet with the President to discuss the state of our economy and the “fiscal cliff”. They also had a few questions about “Obamacare” – and while they may not have said it out loud – they’re dreaming of getting out of the health insurance business […]

Progress Post-Election: Child’s Play

Mike Magee With the election behind us, the question is, “What happens now?”  The consensus on “Morning Joe” this morning (from both sides of the aisle) was that there was an opportunity now to compromise and collaborate to address the deficit as well as giant issues like Medicare, our infrastructure and climate policy. But how […]

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