Exploring Human Potential

The Affordable Care Act and American Exceptionalism

Mike Magee Six years ago, in 2007,  I wrote a piece that asked the following questions: “If you wanted to build a new health care system — a vehicle that would transport us to wellness, productivity, security and happiness — where would you begin?  Would you work off of what we have now or build something brand […]

A Call For Positive Leadership Across The Ages

Mike Magee This has been a week of past, present and future. This week I completed Doris Kearns Goodwin’s “Team of Rivals”. (1) In her introduction, the author states, “”I find that after nearly two centuries, the uniquely American story of Abraham Lincoln has unequalled power to captivate the imagination and to inspire emotion.” In […]

National Summit On Advanced Care Illness – A Must!

Lincoln’s Voice In Newtown, CT

Mike Magee As Vice President Biden prepares to deliver his recommendations to President Obama tomorrow on gun violence in America, and with the NRA’s president,  David Keene’s assertion yesterday that “I would say that the likelihood is that they’re not going to be able to get an assault weapons ban through this Congress”(1),  America once […]

Why We Need A Basic Medical Science Curriculum Online For Consumers.

Mike Magee Central to the ongoing debate over the “fiscal cliff” in the United States has been a discussion of the nation’s expanding debt crisis tied mainly to long term commitments to Medicare and Social Security. Of the two, all agree that Medicare commitments, compounded by an aging population, pose the most immediate threat. However, […]

In 2013, Expect Hyper-Acceleration in Health Technology.

Mike Magee We’ve been tracking mega-trends in health care for some time now.(1)  And as I’ve said before, while it is easy to predict where these trends will lead, it is more difficult to pinpoint the moment those changes will actualize. Whether it is aging demographics, consumer empowerment, or health technology, all signs point to […]

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