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In 2013, Expect Hyper-Acceleration in Health Technology.

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Mike Magee

We’ve been tracking mega-trends in health care for some time now.(1)  And as I’ve said before, while it is easy to predict where these trends will lead, it is more difficult to pinpoint the moment those changes will actualize. Whether it is aging demographics, consumer empowerment, or health technology, all signs point to trend intersection amplification in 2013. For example, see below an abbreviated 10 point summary of John Nosta’s analysis in Forbes last week, suggesting why we’re speeding up, not slowing down.

1 New Smart Phone Technology

“…technology is the new intellectual playground that connects vision with application…computer is yesterday’s news and now the advancement of innovation across a wide variety of areas …striking speed and expertise….players are both big, well-funded companies as well as smart, adroit and nimble.”

2. Affordable Care Act As Accelerator.

“…innovation and technology are poised to advance care in new directions that can drive new efficiencies and lead a course to self-care and wellness.”

3. Power of  Connectivity

“…profound interconnectedness of thinkers and ideas create a ‘neural-network’ that powers our imaginations…. cross-pollination…a new nature of collaboration…driven by a competitive spark… increasing level of patient / caregiver connectivity…tele-medicine will foster new connections for care…an essential proving ground…interaction more clinically robust.”

4.  The Power Of Cool

“…digital health movement …carries ‘the stamp of cool’…beyond the practical–the emotional…living the life of innovation that is validated by science and medicine.”

5. Quantifying Health

“…tools to measure key clinical parameters (serum glucose, blood oxygen, etc.) will combine with mainstream devices…become ‘full circle’ data.”…sensors and devices track, analyses and alert us to our own physiology…body temperature to monitoring the effectiveness of an antibiotic to proactively tracking blood pressure…reassurance that all systems are go!”

6.  Pharma Evolution

“…notion of a traditional pill is changing…move therapy to include preventative care, gene therapy and other innovations.”

7.  Data Crush

“Research protocols, family history, medical records and large-scale epidemiological studies…significant aspect of digital health.”

8.  Profit

“Money is a key driver to innovation…venture capitol in digital health sends a clarion call of validation that this initiative is here to stay… Tricorder X Prize $10 million prize(3) also add to the rewards.”

#9. Smart Counts

“Science, medicine, genomics, electronics, analytics…contributors…vast and smart as heck…mixed and varied voices…a ‘critical mass’ of brilliance.”

10.  The Right Thing To Do

“… tremendous role in changing the very nature and quality of care that directly translates into life-changing and life-saving treatments.”

For Health Commentary, I’m Mike Magee.


1. Magee M. Positive Medicine Visions. 2007.

2. Nosta J. Forbes. 1/2/13.

3. Introducing the Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize. 2012.


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