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IHI Report Looks At County to County Variability

Posted on | May 13, 2013 | No Comments

IHI ANNOUNCEMENT: “Quality pioneer W. Edwards Deming once remarked, ‘If I could reduce my message…to just a few words, I’d say it all has to do with reducing variation.’ If reducing variation is the path to improved quality, then identifying and understanding variation are surely the first steps. ‘Counties of Interest: Achieving Better- or Worse-Than-Expected Health Outcomes‘ —- a recently posted IHI 90-Day R&D Project Summary Report —- is the type of analysis that can help. This project identifies US counties with health outcomes significantly better or worse than expected based on their socioeconomic status and looks at what is behind the results through both a statistical analysis and a qualitative investigation. For those interested in learning more about geographical variation in health outcomes, be sure to check out the updated data from County Health Rankings —- a collaboration between the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.”


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