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TECHMANITY: What it is and why it matters.

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Mike Magee

Techmanity: The humanistic application of technology to health care delivery.

That is the meaning I applied to this invented term in 2008.(1) The original intent was to counterbalance the argument that information technology would have a dehumanizing effect on caring relationships in health care.(2)

Five years later, Techmanity is in full bloom, hyper-amplified by empowered consumers and the tireless work of Dr. Google.(3)

Five things you should know about the transformational impact of techmanity are:

1. Techmanity connects at low cost. Since information technology ignores geography, it can span the logistics of distance (short or long) with ease and efficiency.

2. Techmanity can address disparity. Since it is cost effective, virtual and directable, it can be targeted first at those who are at greatest risk, most vulnerable and possess the highest disease burden.

3. Techmanity is highly connective yet mobile. In a society where those who receive and those who deliver care are increasingly on the move, techmanity has the ability to enhance connectivity and support mutual care within the multi-generational family, the community, and the patient-health team relationship.

4. Techmanity is participatory. Because the databases that support research, health professional education, and health consumer empowerment are expansive, virtual and increasingly transparent; and because these three databases are increasingly collapsing on each other(4); and because health consumers and providers are increasingly using the same software – health care research, chronic disease management, and preventive health planning are rapidly becoming shared responsibilities.

5. Techmanity is measurable. In all sectors, and especially in health care, Big Data is pointing toward evidence, effectiveness and efficiency. In revealing inequity, variability, fraud and injustice, techmanity has the power to create a more just, more sustainable, and more humane system in our common goals of increasing human productivity and expanding human potential.(5)

For Health Commentary, I’m Mike Magee.


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