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Methane, Fracking and Iran – Mitigating Risk.

Mike Magee Things are shifting in the Middle East. That’s undeniable. And if want to know why, follow the money – or more accurately, the energy. In front of our noses, there’s a wholesale shift going on, away from oil and toward natural gas delivered through technology driven fracking and horizontal drilling. The geopolitical fallout […]

Cholesterol: Never Having To Say You’re Sorry – Authors, Reviewers and RWI’s.

Mike Magee Tough week for the Cholesterol Franchise. When the major heart associations (American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology) put out new guidelines in the journal Circulation(1), and instantaneously the Cleveland Clinic’s Steven Nissen and Brigham and Women’s Peter Libby trash the recommendations, and Harvard’s Paul M. Ridker and Nancy Cook let […]

Health Reform On The Edge: Stage 1 and Stage 2.

Mike Magee This past week, in a speech at Bowling Green State University, I described health transformation as occuring in two phases. Phase 1 was the acknowledgement that the status quo in U.S. health delivery had run its course, that is to say it is no longer affordable or defensible. Phase 2, as I defined […]

Aging Males and Gratitude.

Mike Magee The Boomer wave has arrived. And with it are literally millions of men and women transitioning from a structured workplace existence to a home based environment. For a large portion of the males, this is their first intense exposure to little ones and the day-to-day routine of family life. They were preoccupied in […]

CDC Muddies The Message: There Is No Substitute For Colonoscopy.

Mike Magee The CDC and colon cancer in the U.S. are back in the news. This time, it’s the warning that colon screening rates have flattened out. Roughly 1/3 of Americans (23 million people) in the screening age range (50 to 75) have had no screening of any type.(1,2) For a cancer that’s the number […]

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