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Rev. Martin Luther King’s Position on Family Planning.

Posted on | March 26, 2014 | Comments Off on Rev. Martin Luther King’s Position on Family Planning.

In response to this week’s story on contraceptive use and the positions of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, a subscriber commented, “To write anti-Catholic bigotry like this, do you still have to formally join the Ku Klux Klan, or do you just get an automatic honorary membership once the column is published?” You can read my response in the comment section.

On May 5, 1966, Rev. Martin Luther King had this to say about Family Planning on receiving the Margaret Sanger Award from Planned Parenthood:

“There is no human circumstance more tragic than the persisting existence of a harmful condition for which a remedy is readily available. Family planning, to relate population to world resources, is possible, practical and necessary. Unlike plagues of the dark ages or contemporary diseases we do not yet understand, the modern plague of overpopulation is soluble by means we have discovered and with resources we possess.”

Dr. King’s full speech on Family Planning is available HERE.


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