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The Planetary Patient: A China Update

Eight  years ago, I wrote about a range of ecological issues impacting water policy in China. It seemed as if unintended consequences were coming about at every turn. Two examples I mentioned at that time had to do with the Three Gorges Dam and the diversion of the Shiyang River. Most are still aware of […]

The Economic Determinants of Homeland Security: Why The U.S. Is A Better Bet Than China or Russia.

Mike Magee Homeland security is all about economics. And the two levers most critical to the U.S. economy are energy independence and health care. On these two measures, I like America’s odds when compared to China and Russia. Growing up through the 50’s and 60’s, I’d listen to my parents discuss politics with their friends.  […]

Turning Over A Rock: Salamanders and Medicare Fees To Physicians

Mike Magee I always felt there was something important and mystical about salamanders. So it’s not surprising that I opened Richard Conniff’s New York Times article this week titled, “Salamander’s Hefty Role In The Forest”. In the Science section article, Conniff opens with this statement, “If someone asked you to name the top predator in […]

Fort Hood: Abnormal Minds in Normal Times, or Normal Minds in Abnormal Times

Mike Magee When Spc. Ivan Lopez, a soldier at Fort Hood, Texas opened fire on his fellow soldiers, killing three this week, he once again focused a light on the chronic, lasting and largely hidden burden of war – mental illness in soldiers who serve our country. But what escaped notice in the broad coverage […]

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