Exploring Human Potential

Pope to Congress: The Art of Politics, and The Promotion of Health.

Mike Magee If health is about human potential, and if what we in the caring professions are challenged to do is “to heal, provide health, and keep families and communities whole”, then what we do is a holy pursuit. In his remarks to Congress this morning, Pope Francis said as much. In addition to providing […]

Fresh New Voices: From The World of Virtual Healthcare

Since 2003, we’ve been delivering weekly packets of  virtual health education. Now, twelve years after we began, the movement has become increasingly institutionalized and professional. Some of the offerings are small and some are huge. Consider the giant MOOC offerings (Massive Open Online Course) like Stanford’s 2013 course which rapidly reached an open enrollment of 160,000. By […]

Microbiota: Who’s Hosting Whom?

Mike Magee If you search under “The Future of Medicine”, you’ll see that the “Microbiome” is getting a great deal of air space these days. In fact, the NIH has committed $173 million to a collaborative dive titled the Human Microbiome Project. And yet, for most of us, it’s a new enough term that we […]

Mother Nature, Moore’s Law, Globalization – and Health? Mike Magee In the New York Times today, Thomas Friedman made the case that we are beginning to segregate nations worldwide into “worlds of order” versus “worlds of disorder”. In support of this comment, he presents the multi-border exodus from the Middle East to various nation’s of the European Union. This I know, is […]

Why Older Men Should Swim, Not Cycle.

Mike Magee I live in West Hartford, CT, an affluent town with more than its’ share of Type A personalities. In a town such as this, people would rather not give in to aging, have access to a wide range of community services, and remain active. Three cases in point are our award winning Cornerstone […]

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