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Why the CDC, the WHO, and the IOC say “The Show Must Go On” in Brazil.

Mike Magee NYU Ethicist Arthur Caplan (formerly from Penn), is in the news again. This time, representing 149 other worldwide scientists who are advising the WHO and CDC to pressure the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to postpone this summer’s 2016 Summer Olympics due to begin on July 5th. The 10,500 athletes from around the world […]

“Bob Trumpet’s” Wall: A Bridge Over Troubled Waters?

Mike Magee “We are our geography’, as the saying goes. And nothing in current times illustrates this point more dramatically than Donald Trump’s proposed 1000 mile plus wall on our southern border. I won’t dwell on the oft repeated criticisms – the impossible logistics in radically reducing the numbers of 11 million immigrants (when we […] Quick Quiz

Boreal Forest Vulnerability: Part of the Story

From “Drops of Life”. Mike Magee In 2005, in a piece addressing the health of the “planetary patient”,  I wrote, “Water – it’s movement, forms, availability, and transportability – has directly shaped and continues to define the future of this planet and all of its inhabitants…As we have grown in numbers and in concentration; as […]

In 2016, Denial of Global Warming Persists.

The science was clear in 2007. It hasn’t changed in the decade since. But deniers persist.

Iglehart and Thompson: Does the AMA Need “A Different Model of Advocacy”?

John Iglehart and Jeff Thompson MD The AMA’s vigorous opposition this week to the FDA’s consideration of mandating training for opioid prescribers to curb the current opioid epidemic (which the AMA’s liberal policies toward specialty designation and pharmaceutical underwriting helped create), called to mind the words in 2009 of Gundersen-Lutheran neonatologist and CEO, Jeff Thompson in […]

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