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Uninsured Rates Vary Geographically. The Election Could Change That.

Posted on | October 7, 2016 | No Comments

The national uninsured rate is at its lowest – 8.6% of the population. But pockets of hold-outs exist nationwide. WalletHub’s analysts compared the 2016 rates for 548 U.S. cities as well as the 50 states then broke down the figures by age, race/ethnicity and income level. J. Oberlander, in this week’s NEJM, has projected that states refusing to extend ACA Medicaid to its citizens (especially in the South and West) would likely acquiesce with a Democratic president

10 Lowest and Highest Uninsured States:

MA-2.82%, VT-3.82%, HI-3.97%, MN-4.51%, IO-5.03%, WI-5.66%, RI-5.71%, DE-5.85%, CT-5.95%, WV-5.95%


Full List:


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