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American Health Care’s New Year’s Resolution: Confront The Lie.

Mike Magee On the last day of a rather disastrous 2018, the Washington Post ran the headline, “Our agents did everything they could.” The article captured the performance of Kevin McAleenan, head of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection defending his agencies oversight of the death of a second migrant child in the week after […]

What Leads To 20,000+ Deaths per Year in American Kids? Autos + Guns = 35%


Commonwealth Report on U.S. Maternal Health Just Released.

The Decoupling of Health from Health Care

Mike Magee “Our health care system’s focus, at every phase of its development, but especially since its expansion and increasing sophistication since World War II, has been on maximizing opportunities for profit and/or career advancement for the players within it.” Code Blue: Inside the Medical Industrial Complex (Grove Atlantic Press, coming in Spring, 2019) In […]

AMA Tells Trump “No Way” on ACA

MEMORANDUM TO: Reporters, Editors, Producers and Interested Parties FROM: American Medical Association DATE: December 15, 2018 SUBJECT: Texas v. Azar Decision ______________________________________________________________________________ Judge Reed O’Connor’s decision is a stunning display of judicial activism. Judicial power does not extend to settling policy disputes or exercising general supervision over the other branches of the federal government. Congress […]

“A” Rating from NRA – The New Scarlet Letter

Mike Magee “The NRA’s A-rating used to be a badge of honor. On Election Day, it was a scarlet letter.”  Those were the words of Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense. And she had facts to back it up. More than 1000 candidates in the 2018 Mid-Term elections ran and won […]

When Employers Stop Drinking the Kool-Aid.

Mike Magee I recently sat down to lunch with a retired veteran health insurance exec and asked her, “Are there still large corporation CEO’s who want to be the providers of health insurance for their employees – and if so, why?” She replied that there were a few and the primary reason was “ego.” She […]

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