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A Marshall Plan For America

Mike Magee Yesterday close to 300 registrants signed up for a webinar sponsored by my Jesuit alma mater, LeMoyne College, titled “The Birth of the Medical Industrial Complex in America, and How Covid-19 Has Made the Case For a National Health Care System”. The college’s motto, “Greatness meets Goodness”, speaks highly of their value system, […]

The Cascading Catastrophe of Trump.

Mike Magee With the ongoing, cascading catastrophe of Trump’s mishandling of COVID-19, it is easy to lose sight that the next pandemic (fueled by global warming, global trade, and human and animal migration) is just around the corner. And we haven’t even begun to nail down the origin story of this one. Unraveling the transmission […]

The Supreme Irony of Dr. Trump.

Mike Magee What a strange irony. Trump decides, full-bravado, to challenge China to a trade war just months before China unwittingly hatches a virulent pandemic that collapses our  deeply segmented health care system and our economy simultaneously. And rather than cry “Uncle”, our President then fires the WHO just as their experts are heading to […]

Trump Dumps WHO and Places All US Citizens At-Risk.

Medical organizations this week reacted with alarm as President Trump unilaterally and publically announced on July 7, 2020, his intent to withdraw from the WHO. Putting aside that it is questionable that he possesses the power to follow through with this latest threat to the nation’s health, the move was enough to draw a unified […]

How Did We Come To This – Predatory Pricing of Remdesivir?

Mike Magee In the middle of a deadly pandemic, marked by failed Presidential leadership and a collapsing hospital care network, an effective treatment is priced out of reach to those who need it the most. Those interested in the complete history can read CODE BLUE: Inside the Medical Industrial Complex. The more condensced answer appeared […]

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