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Americans Need To Stay Well To Get Better.

Source: Commonwealth Fund 2020 Insurance Study Mike Magee In the face of the covid-19 rolling disaster, Americans without adequate health insurance are now closing in on 50%. Relying on employers to provide health insurance has always been a bad idea. Lose your job/lose your insurance is crazy. That’s why no other developed nations go for […]

Open Source and Worth Sharing: A Jesuit Perspective – “Contemplating U.S. Health Care After Covid-19”

“Show Me State” Abandons Trumpian Orbit and Embraces Medicaid Expansion.

Mike Magee Idaho Utah Oklahoma Nebraska Maine ….. (and now) Missouri. Since 2017, six Republican-led states have buckled under the crippling costs of health care and embraced the ACA offer to subsidize expanded Medicaid coverage for vulnerable populations in their states. The “Show Me State”  showed its defiance and hard-heartedness until their state budget bled […]

Is This Seasonal Flu or Covid-19?

Mike Magee “Is this seasonal flu or Covid-19?” That’s the question many doctors and patients hope to avoid this fall. Here are three strategies designed to avoid panic and even greater disruption of individuals lives and malfunction of our already over-stressed health care system: Strategy 1: Get Your Flu Shot Early. Approximately 200 million flu […]

The Origin Story of PBM’s.

Mike Magee Do you know the origin story of PBMs, and why they and their middlemen hold 6 of the top 25 spots in the Fortune 500? Here’s a starter course, excerpted from “CODE BLUE: Inside the Medical Industrial Complex” where the full answer resides. “When PBMs began, insurers and employers believed that this new […]

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