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Could Bezos and Amazon Help America Build An Accessible, Affordable and Effective National Health Care System.

Posted on | October 29, 2020 | No Comments

Mike Magee

This past week I spent an hour with THCB’s Matthew Holt and Jessica DaMassa discussing everything CODE BLUE – how and why it came to be, and where it directs us as Covid-19, global warming, and rising income inequality bear down on our nation.

In the final ten minutes of the THCB Book Club interview, Jess asks me if a company like Amazon, under Jeff Bezos, could play a role in creating a long overdo high quality, affordable, and universal National Health Care system.

To be clear, we’re not talking a splintered elite solution with Jeff, and his buddies, Jamie Dimond and Warren Buffett, arms linked (and Atul Gawande “brain-childing” the affair). We’re talking a national health care system that is publicly offered, accessible to all, strategic and visionary, and governed in a manner that is not rife with conflicts of interest.

Is it possible that an uber-private entrepreneur could respond to a nation’s call-to-service and help us correct a seven decade old misconstruction? For an answer to this and other questions, check out the interview above – especially the final 10 minutes.


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