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Historic Cultural Clashes and Access to Health Care: Griswold v. Connecticut.

Mike Magee On Wednesday, May 5, 2021, I hope you’ll join me from 1:30 – 3:00 PM for a virtual lecture that President Biden highlighted in his speech to Congress this week – “Health Care ‘Right’ and the U.S. Constitution”. Register HERE. (Here is a small segment.) ____________________________________________________ It began on March 7, 1844, with […]

Arthur Sackler – On Trial.

Mike Magee Former Wall Street Journal reporter, John Carreyrou, in a New York Times review of New Yorker columnist, Patrick Radden Keefe’s new book, Empire of Pain, decries the author’s early focus on Arthur Sackler, the patriarch of the clan who died in 1987, a decade prior to the FDA approval of OxyContin. Any who […]

Is Health Care a “Right”, a “Privilege” – or Simply a “Necessity?”

Mike Magee I am currently knee-deep into preparations for an online lecture at the Presidents College at the University of Hartford on Wednesday, May 5th, at 1:30 PM titled “The Constitution. and Your “Right” to Health Care in America.”   I’ve been at it for over a month. The classic debate centers on the Constitution’s […]

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