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Ethical Leadership – Is There Such a Thing As An Evil Genius?

“’Chance made the situation; genius profited from it,’ says history. But what is chance? What is genius?”                                                Leo Tolstoy from “War and Peace”, 1867.   If there ever was such a thing as […]

A Prayer for Ukrainian Children and Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Mike Magee What a haunting display – the juxtaposition of low’s and high’s in human behavior. The goodness of Ukrainian children exhibiting courageous, adult behavior, struggling without complaint to survive while in full flight vs. entitled elected Senators relentlessly and with straight faces bullying and “acting out” like spoiled preschoolers in the shadow of a […]

The Free Online Lecture on “American Epidemics” is May 10th. Here’s What You’ll Learn.

Mike Magee On May 10th, at noon, I’ll be delivering a FREE live online luncheon lecture titled: “The History of Epidemics in America.” What’s in it? For that, you’ll need to tune in. I’ll be providing the proper link as we get closer to the date. It’s a once-only, slide lecture – entertaining and enjoyable, […]

Musings From Borodino, Russia.

Mike Magee Two hundred and ten years ago, on September 7, 1812, a Putinesque commander, narrowly won a battle, but lost a war and entered a downward cycle that ended his reign. The battle was the Battle of Borodino, a town on the river Moskva , 70 miles west of Moscow. The commander was Napoleon. […]

Independent Oversight of America’s Science Establishment Long Overdue.

Mike Magee Brevig Mission, Akaska, is a small ocean side village that was the home of several hundred Inuit Natives in 1918. It is 586 miles due northeast of Anchorage. According to a 2019 CDC article, in a 5-day period, between November 15 and 20, 1918, 72 of the 80 adult inhabitants perished. The tragedy […]

A Conversation Between Leo Tolstoy and Volodymyr Zelensky.

Mike Magee The English translator of Leo Tolstoy’s epic Russian novel, “War and Peace”, Richard Pevear, writes in his introduction, “The book is set in the period of the Napoleonic wars (1805-1812) and tells the interweaving historical events of two very different families of the Russian nobility – the severe Bolonskys and the easygoing Rostovs […]

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