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Truth and Trust in Science.

Mike Magee “The key is trust. It is when people feel totally alienated and isolated that the society breaks down. Telling the truth is what held society together.” Those words were voiced sixteen years ago in Washington, D.C. It was October 17, 2006. The HHS/CDC sponsored workshop that day was titled “Pandemic Influenza – Past, […]

A Red Painted Turtle On Rosh Hashanah.

Mike Magee Tomorrow begins Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. This is the time when Jewish people ask God for forgiveness for their mistakes and errors over the past year and commit to learning from those mistakes as to not repeat them in the year ahead. The emphasis then is not on suffering, but on […]

Constructed of star dust, could “Guardian Angels” still exist?

Mike Magee  “EXCLUSIVE: Royal beekeeper has informed the Queen’s bees that the Queen has died and King Charles is their new boss in bizarre tradition dating back centuries. … He placed black ribbons tied into bows on the hives, home to tens of thousands of bees, before informing them that their mistress had died.” So […]

“Beyond Nicotine”: What Could Possibly Go Wrong With That?

Mike Magee Connecticut attorney general, William Tong, took a turn in the spotlight this week, representing 33 states and Puerto Rico in announcing that vaping original, Juul, had agreed to pay penalties of $438.5 million to settle law suits against the company. Juul in essence acknowledged that the company’s marketers had targeted young students, used […]

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