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Low Fat Milk And The Shifting Winds of Evidence Based Medicine.

Mike Magee Reversals in medical science are not uncommon. As new evidence emerges, old tenets are easily discharged, and new “pillars of truth” adopted. It’s a necessary process, but confusing both for those who deliver care and those who receive it. Nutritional science is a perfect example of the phenomenon. Back in 1995, excess fat […]

Home-Cooking: Gender-Neutral and Too Important To Outsource.

Mike Magee Home may be “where the heart is”, but few would argue that it is currently “where the health is”. In America, we abhor homelessness, but we have historically been unusually tolerant of “healthlessness”. Many of us worked on the concept of “Medical Home” only to find it fall far short in its’ implementation. […]

Pigouvian Tax vs. Norquistian Anarchy

Mike Magee Like many Americans, I’ve been following the tax debate. We seem to have moved from “no new taxes” to “what new taxes”. The New Yorker this week came out in favor of Pigouvian taxes.(1) Say what? Back in 1920, a British economist named Arthur Pugou, wrote a book called “The Economics of Welfare”, […]

Are We Humans Evolving, Why, and The Presidential Election.

Mike Magee If you were a Swede born in 1800, you would likely have viewed the world as a hostile place and human life as fragile and short lived. That was because life expectancy for Swedes was only 32 years, roughly where it had been for hunter-gatherers for many thousands of years. But by 1900, […]

Why Americans – and the Nurses and Doctors Who Care For Them – Are Dying In Increasing Numbers

Mike Magee For the first time in our nation’s history, annual deaths of Americans exceeded 2.5 million off of a baseline population of 314 million.(1) Before anyone shrieks with alarm, let me add that the rate of deaths per 100,000 people actually dropped to an all-time low. Why the discrepancy? Because the increase of 45,000 […]

Announcing: A Unique Resource – The Forerunner Collection

Health Commentary provides a range of informational open source resources for educational use with proper attribution. One of those resources is our Collections section prominently displayed on the toolbar above. In the collection, you will find series on aging, technology, and obesity. You can also access a curriculum on Advanvced Professionalism and 188 annotated public […]

Forerunner Collection: Alternate Futures in Health Care

2002  Relationship Based Health Care: The Evolving Patient-Physician Relationship World Medical Association/World Health Assembly, Geneva, Switzerland 2004  Islands of Common Stewardship: Qualities of Positive and Negative Leaders Convocation Address, St. Thomas Aquinas College, Sparkill, NY 2004  Excellence in Medicine: Defining Professional Courtesy AMA Foundation Annual Meeting, Chicago Illinois 2004  Healthy Behaviors: The Real Story Behind […]

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