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Time To Pay A Price For Poor Food Choices

Mike Magee A new study published  in this week’s Archives of Internal Medicine had this headline finding: “Better access to supermarkets” does not “improve people’s diets.” The study tracked thousands of people in several large cities for 15 years. Specifically, researchers wanted to know if citizens ate any healthier if supermarkets were placed in their […]

Food Plating In America: What A Waste

Mike Magee When I first began to educate myself about water, with the help of water experts at the United Nations, I was surprised by the facts.(1) Only 3% of the water is fresh, and less then 1% accessible. 70% of human consumption of water goes to agriculture. And the American diet, biased to meat […]


The Three Pillars of the Medical-Industrial Complex and the Physician. A 5-Part Series. The Man-made Opioid Epidemic: A 5 Part Series The Uncoupling of Medical Scientific from Human Progress: A 3-Part Series Positive Leadership by Mike Magee MD Forerunners Collection: Alternate Futures in Health Care Advanced Professionalism Aging Health Politics Archive Health Technology Obesity

Why The House of Medicine Needs To Add Nurse Education Funding To Its’ 2011-2012 Legislative Priorities

Mike Magee We will soon add an additional 35 plus million Americans to our health care system with the expectation of improving the overall health, productivity and competitiveness of Americans in the process. Thinking of this challenge in terms of production or provision of services, we are faced with a glaring human resource weakness – […]

Aging Seminar

The Bob Butler Tribute Seminar: Day 1. Aging Demographics ( Day 2. The Challenge of Longevity ( Day 3. Measuring Aging Vitality and Independence ( Day 4. When Caregivers Need Care ( Day 5. Long Distance Caregivers ( Day 6. The Economics of Living Longer ( Day 7. Financing Home Health Care ( Day 8. […]

My Holiday Gift To You: Advanced Professionalism

Mike Magee What an eventful year it has been for HealthCommentary. In reflecting back on the many concepts and visions we have shared together – universal access married to individual and family responsibility for health; Techmanity  (technology that humanizes); “Home is where the health is, as well as the heart.”; the 13 part series on […]

How Healthy Is Your State And Our Nation?

Mike Magee The wire release of America’s Health Rankings®, a state by state assessment compiled by the American Public Health Association and supported by the United HealthCare Foundation, summed it up this way: “Overall Healthiness Slightly Improved, but Obesity, Children in Poverty, and Diabetes Worrisome for States’ Health….reductions in smoking, preventable hospitalizations and infectious disease […]

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