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Lifespan Planning Records




If we allow ourselves to dream of a better health care system — one that permits us to feel connected, supported, and in control of our own health destiny — two words come to mind: information and planning.

The more information we have about our own health history and genetic profile, the smarter we can be about making health decisions and planning our health future.

This requires a constantly available “record” of our changing health status.

But if you switch doctors or go to a hospital for surgery, you’ll find that our nation’s health records are not even close to this ideal. They are splintered and poorly organized at best.

To their credit, doctors and hospitals have been trying to create a coordinated system of electronic records – but it falls far short of what we need.

The real key to our health information future, one I will describe in just a moment, is a concept called a “Lifespan Planning Record.” This computer-based and integrated model would provide a holistic view of your health – stretching all the way back to your ancestors and projecting far forward into your future – so you will know what you can anticipate as your body ages.

This “killer application” will help  define health as much more than the absence of illness. It’s about life fulfillment.


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