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In 2013, Expect Hyper-Acceleration in Health Technology.

Mike Magee We’ve been tracking mega-trends in health care for some time now.(1)  And as I’ve said before, while it is easy to predict where these trends will lead, it is more difficult to pinpoint the moment those changes will actualize. Whether it is aging demographics, consumer empowerment, or health technology, all signs point to […]

Will Doctors and Hospitals Accept Help From Watson? For Many The Answer Is No.

Mike Magee I’ve said many times that the American Health Care System is “intentionally dis-integrated”. By this I mean that the powers that be – doctors and their organizations, hospitals and hospital systems, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, insurers and others – will do almost anything to avoid national rationalization of health care and the […]

AHRQ Releases New Work Flow Toolkit

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has just released a work flow toolkit that deserves a close look. “Workflow Assessment for Health IT Toolkit” will help small and medium practices learn more about workflow in order to plan, design, and implement health IT in ambulatory care. AHRQ’s health information technology (health IT) initiative is part […]

Good Idea: Linking Physicians To Improve Diagnosis

Sermo Mobile just released a mobile application called iConsult which their CEO Daniel Palestrant, MD, says will turn “the concept of real-time medicine into reality” and allow “physicians to immediately impact patient care.” A key feature of Sermo Mobile is iConsult. With three touches of the screen, physicians can take or add a photograph of […]

WSJ D9 Conference: All Things Digital – Image Take Away

IMAGE OF THE DAY Want to understand new media technology? Read Walt Mossberg in the WSJ. Want to know the state of affairs? Go to the WSJ “All Things Digital Conference”. They just completed D9. On the last lines of the last page of the special supplement, Mossberg is interviewing  Marc Andreessen, 40 year old […]

10 IT Messages That Every Health CEO Should Read

Mike Magee Message 1: IT is the foundation for all future businesses. Message 2: How you manage IT is critical to your competitiveness. Why? Service, supply, efficiency, reproducible outcomes, verification, scalability, timeliness, decision support, productivity, mobility, market penetrance, retention, continuous improvement…and running in place. Message 3: You’re not running IT – but you are responsible […]

Oregon’s Opportunity for Innovating Aging: A City Club Follow Up

Eric Dishman Last week I had the honor of speaking to the City Club of Portland, an organization founded in 1916 to highlight the diverse opinions, issues, and talents of local leaders and organizations. I often hear their Friday Forums on Oregon Public Broadcasting radio while I am driving home from work, so it was […]

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