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The Simplest Bully Curriculum Ever: “One”

I’ve written many times on … “bullying” – the studies, statistics, curricula. But it took the children’s book above – which has won every major award imaginable – to crystallize what an effective health campaign might be for combating bullying. The Keys:  Early childhood intervention, exposure, knowledge, courage,  inclusion (for everyone – including the bully), […]

New Jersey’s “Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights”

Mike Magee As the nation returns to school, New Jersey is adjusting to a new law called the “Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights”. (1) It was passed in the wake of public outcry over the death last year of Rutgers freshmean, Tyler Clementi. Under the provision, all schools in the state must have aggressive anti-bullying policies […]

Bullying Is No Longer Acceptable!

Mike Magee The recent death of the freshman student Tyler Clementi at Rutgers reminds us that bullying in the age of video streaming and the Internet is deadly. It also draws our attention to the fact that growing up is hard enough, and doubly difficult for gays and lesbians. Nice kids like Tyler end up […]

Bullying: A Double-Edged Sword

The suicide death of a young girl, Phoebe Prince, tortured by high school tormentors, reminds us that bullying is alive and well across America. The  American Medical Association Alliance, over 10 years ago created SAVE, Stop America’s Violence Everywhere. This grassroots program addressed many forms of violence over the years, but especially identified one problem […]

Access Excellence

Nurturing as an anecdote to bullying This week’s program on bullying in our nation’s schools has touched a vein and drawn an immediate response from young and old alike. The damage done by bullying extends into the future. The messages I received reinforced that disconnection and anger and despair are predictable byproducts of lives absent […]

School Bullies

The damage they do is serious and long-lastingRecently the problem of school bullying reared its ugly head. The airwaves featured a youngster in Arkansas, progressively and deliberately isolated, abused, tormented and damaged. The problem is large, complex and pervasive, according to the American Medical Association. How large a problem? A 2001 study of nearly 16,000 […]

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