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Interesting Piece – 15 Facts About The History Of Medical Informatics

Bill Hopper wrote: “I write articles for, a website dedicated to providing students with the information and tools needed in order to pursue their Masters in Health Informatics.” “I ran across your site, and I thought that your readers might be interested in the latest article I’ve posted ( ). It’s called 15 Intriguing Facts About […]

“Meaningful Use”? Some Thoughts From Ted Shortliffe in 1991.

Mike Magee I wrote recently about the “meaningful use” regulations that define the requirements for federal grants and tax relief to physicians who adopt EMR’s. I’ve questioned whether the vision for the use of these technologies is under powered. To answer this question, it helps to look back if you want to look forward. Why? […]

EHR’s: Healthy Relationships, Not Health Records

Eric Dishman It’s been eleven years since my Intel colleague, John Sherry, and I first did some fieldwork studying physician practices and hospitals that were in the throes of choosing, installing, and/or experiencing EHRs (electronic health records) for the first time. Most interesting to me of these studies has been when we could get in […]

My Opinion: E-Care Is Ethical, Effective, and Economical Care

Eric Dishman I make it a general rule not to discuss Intel’s products in this blog, and in so doing, have erred on the side of rarely even mentioning our Intel® Health Guide. Which also means that I haven’t been able to share what our customers are learning as they adopt e-care (electronic care) or […]

Testimony to Senate Aging Committee: National e-Care Plan Needed Now

 Eric Dishman This week, almost 6 years to the day of giving similar testimony to the same Senate Special Subcommittee on Aging, I had the opportunity on behalf of theContinua Health Alliance ( to reflect on the persistent barriers that prevent the widespread implementation of telehealth, aging-in-place, and what Continua calls “e-care” (for “electronic care”) technologies. In this […]

Electronic Health Records and Clinical Trials: An Incentive to Integrate

GUEST CORRESPONDENT Chris Thorman As we wait for the federal government to finalize important sections of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH), there is a lot of talk about the financial incentives for implementing electronic health records (EHR). And understandably so. Practices that implement an EHR under the federal government’s […]

Will doctors and nurses board the GE “healthymagination” train?

Mike Magee (VIDEO here) “How much do you think my hospital should invest in electronic medical records over the next few years?” This was the question asked of me last year by a CEO of a large Health Care System. He was a member of the American Hospital Association’s Long Range Policy Committee. And I […]

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