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Eric Dishman Says “Health Care Should Be A Team Sport”: TED Talk

LINK TO TED TALK When Eric Dishman was in college, doctors told him he had 2 to 3 years to live. That was a long time ago. One rectified diagnosis and a transplant later, Dishman puts his personal experience and his expertise as a leading medical tech specialist together to suggest some bold ideas for […]

Early Thoughts On Proposed ACO Rules

Eric Dishman Hear ye, hear ye, read all about it! For those of you who have been waiting with bated breath (you know who you are!), the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has just published the proposed rules and guidelines for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and the Medicare Shared Savings Program (SSP). You […]

Oregon’s Opportunity for Innovating Aging: A City Club Follow Up

Eric Dishman Last week I had the honor of speaking to the City Club of Portland, an organization founded in 1916 to highlight the diverse opinions, issues, and talents of local leaders and organizations. I often hear their Friday Forums on Oregon Public Broadcasting radio while I am driving home from work, so it was […]

Waiting and Innovating For 21st Century

Eric Dishman I rushed home in crazy, foggy traffic Tuesday evening to see the President’s State of the Union address. I had left work hours earlier to head to a doctor’s appointment that had taken me four months of delay to get. I showed up fifteen minutes early, knowing that I would have to do the […]

The Hype and The Hope of “mHealth”

Eric Dishman Another day, another flyer arrives for a seminar on “mHealth.” One that showed up in my mailbox this week is typical: high-gloss images of mobile phones and heart signals, celebratory claims about how all of this will “revolutionize” healthcare, and liberal use of the words “innovation” and “transformation” in almost every keynote title. […]

EHR’s: Healthy Relationships, Not Health Records

Eric Dishman It’s been eleven years since my Intel colleague, John Sherry, and I first did some fieldwork studying physician practices and hospitals that were in the throes of choosing, installing, and/or experiencing EHRs (electronic health records) for the first time. Most interesting to me of these studies has been when we could get in […]

My Opinion: E-Care Is Ethical, Effective, and Economical Care

Eric Dishman I make it a general rule not to discuss Intel’s products in this blog, and in so doing, have erred on the side of rarely even mentioning our Intel® Health Guide. Which also means that I haven’t been able to share what our customers are learning as they adopt e-care (electronic care) or […]

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