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AMA’s New Sunbeam Crisis: The AMA Federation’s “Trojan Horse”

Source:Wikipedia Mike Magee In August, 1997, the leadership of the AMA ignited an existential crisis by agreeing to loan their imprimatur to the Sunbeam corporation. The imprimatur, along with an AMA endorsement, was to be assigned to Sunbeam products in nine home-care categories including heating pads, vaporizers and blood pressure cuffs. In return, the Florida […]

Virtue Ethics: “The US and Much Of The World Is Out Of Practice.” says…

Mike Magee While Russia and the US grapple with whether they will align in forging a diplomatic solution to Syria’s use of chemical weapons in the UN Security Council, the United Nations continues to deliberate on what should be the global Sustainable Development Goals for 2015 to 2030. The recently released UN report, “World Happiness […]

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