Exploring Human Potential

You Are Your DNA – or Are You???

Source: U. of Utah Epigenetics Mike Magee Early in my career, embryology and physiology competed for my affection. What they had in common was functionality – one developmental with time dependent triggers and the other driven by feedback loops with humoral packets of information traveling through blood channels or along neurons. I viewed both processes […]

Genetics Meets Preventive Health Care

Can our system transform fast enough to catch up to our science?The people, and the people caring for the people, in the United States and around the world, are just beginning to absorb what the term “preventive health care” really means.  Until recently, it was enough to simply think of it as something different from […]

From Each According to His Ability, to Each According to His Gene

Imagine a day when a genetic test not only will determine your risk for a particular disease, but also the ideal medication and the ideal dose to treat that disease. For those who receive a blood-thinning agent called warfarin, that day has already arrived. One third of people who receive warfarin, known by the trade […]

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