Exploring Human Potential

In 2016, Denial of Global Warming Persists.

The science was clear in 2007. It hasn’t changed in the decade since. But deniers persist.

Could Optimizing The Carbon Sink Offer Immediate Short-Term Relief?

Source: NOAA Video Carbon in Action Mike Magee OK. Let’s just all admit it. Al Gore was right – even if the truth was inconvenient at the time. For most of the civilized world, the present day truth is not only inconvenient, but also incontrovertible, inconceivable (in its potential destructive effects), and increasingly (almost) inevitable. […]

“Wet-Bulb Temperature” – The Limits of Human Endurance and Chaos Ahead

Springfield Republican, Sept. 23, 1988 Mike Magee On September 23, 1988, I had my first experience with the pressures of a full blown press conference. I was the chief administrative physician at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts. Our governor, Michael Dukakis, was running for President of the United States, at the same time (as […]

Global Warming. What Is The Physician’s Responsibility?

  NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory High Resolution Image with more information about the graphic Mike Magee In 1997, Gro Brundtland, then head of the WHO defined health as “human potential”. In doing so, she broadened the sphere of interest of health policy experts on a macro level and challenged physicians on a micro level. In […]

Global Impact of Second Hand Smoke

Featured Video: Global Study on Second Hand Smoke

The Impact of Global Warming On Health: An Endless Summer Ahead?

Mike Magee In 2009 President Obama joined other global leaders in New York City for the Opening Session of the UN. One of the transboundary issues discussed was Global Warming. All agreed that the Kyoto Protocol had failed. It failed because the target to decrease emissions by some 5% was too low. It failed because […]

Gray and Green Water

Don Elder speaks During the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Clean Water Act in 2002, 30 "national water heroes” were singled out for recognition. Don Elder was one of them. Today Don serves as president of the River Network, a national organization that supports the efforts of state and local river conservation organizations. […]

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