Exploring Human Potential

Note to AAMC: If You Oppose Anti-Immigrant Trump/Bannon, You Must Oppose Anti-Immigrant Tom Price

Mike Magee   The AMA and AAMC two months ago offered a full throated endorsement of primo anti-immigrant Tom Price to lead HHS. But this weekend’s radical actions by Price’s potential boss, Donald Trump and his chief political adviser and National Security Council member, Stephen Bannon, apparently was a bridge to far. AAMC CEO went […]

Health Care JOBS: New Jobs/New Job Descriptions

As Health Care transforms, experts say they are hiring new health care workers – but not necessarily with the same job descriptions. Freelancer Vickie Elmer reported Sunday in the Washington Post (SOURCE): Maybe you never will work as a nurse or a doctor because you get dizzy each time you see blood. Yet health care looks […]

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