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Deconstructing Apple’s New HealthKit – It’s iOS8 Preview

Mike Magee This morning I got an e-mail message from educational media design expert, Paul Schwarz. He’s the founder of Symphony Learning in Boston, and the creator of award-winning software for organizations like Harvard Medical School, Lexia Learning Systems and publisher Houghton Mifflin. His message to me, “Only Apple can take a beautiful idea, create […]

Message To AAFP 2014 “Winter Cluster”: Connectivity + Mobility = Reach.

Mike Magee The American Academy of Family Physicians convenes its’ “Winter Cluster” today. This is a 3 day opportunity for Family Medicine oriented student and resident representatives from Family Medicine chapters around the U.S. to meet and dialogue with Academy officers and Board members. The intent: To chart the future of Family Medicine. The AAFP […]

Palliative Care and Pain Management: “Special Generalists”

Mike Magee Yesterday I had the privilege to spend the day in Washington, DC, with many of the nation’s leaders and experts in the delivery of Palliative Care and Pain Management. The meeting (The State of Palliative Care Across Settings: What Can We Do Together?) was organized  by Myra Christopher and John Carney from the […] Time To Take A Deep Breath

Mike Magee I experienced my first beta installation of a health information system in 1987 at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, MA. It was my first hospital administration job and an eye opener. The company was Technicon, an IT firm that began in 1965 as a cooperative effort between Lockheed and El Camino Hospital out […]

Now That Google Health Is Gone, Will “Healthy Tech” Emerge?

Mike Magee Google Health, after some 16 quarters, threw up it’s hands and surrendered.(1) In so doing, it followed Steve Case’s move with Revolution Health. And then there’s Microsoft’s Health Vault, which is primarily a secure, if passive repository for yesterday’s information.(2) In its announcement, Google said: “In the coming months, we’re going to retire […]

TECHMANITY: What it is and why it matters.

Mike Magee Techmanity: The humanistic application of technology to health care delivery. That is the meaning I applied to this invented term in 2008.(1) The original intent was to counterbalance the argument that information technology would have a dehumanizing effect on caring relationships in health care.(2) Five years later, Techmanity is in full bloom, hyper-amplified […]

Collapsing Databases: Consumer “Double-Checks” On Our Health Delivery System

Mike Magee In 2007, our organization, Positive Medicine Inc., advanced 7 visions which together, we predicted, would radically reshape health care as we knew it.(1)  One of those visions was titled Collapsing Databases. Results published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association show that we were right on the concept but […]

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