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Mother Nature, Moore’s Law, Globalization – and Health? Mike Magee In the New York Times today, Thomas Friedman made the case that we are beginning to segregate nations worldwide into “worlds of order” versus “worlds of disorder”. In support of this comment, he presents the multi-border exodus from the Middle East to various nation’s of the European Union. This I know, is […]

Employer-Based Health Coverage Slides With Economy

Mike Magee According to a report from the nonpartisan Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), health coverage for employees is sliding down with the economy. “During a recession, some employers will drop coverage, some will increase the worker share of the premium, and some may change eligibility requirements.  Structural changes in the economy during a recession, […]

Kathleen Sebelius Straight Talk To Health Insurers

Kathleen Sebelius US Secretary, Health and Human Services Original Source: Wall Street Journal In the last two weeks, my department has been accused of “thuggery” (this editorial page) and “Soviet tyranny” (Newt Gingrich). What prompted these accusations? The fact that we told health-insurance companies that, as required by law, we will review large premium increases […]

Health Reform: A Day of Reckoning Arrives

Mike Magee Six months ago today, the Patient Protection and Affordability of Care Act was signed into law. (1) And for many, today is “the day of reckoning”. That’s because many of the most critical consumer benefits of this transformational health bill take effect today. Yet many remain confused about what health reform is and […]

USA Today Reports On Rise In Uninsured


Should New York State’s Medical Society Oppose Mandated End-Of-Life Discussions With Patients?

Mike Magee Nearly 30 years ago, when the consumer health movement began in earnest, health professionals responded with extreme caution, concerned that their authority and control over patients and the health care system would ultimately be challenged. To the credit of most doctors, nurses and health care leaders, caregivers have evolved, accepting that the best […]

Massachusetts Health Care Reform Reviewed As a Model for National Plan

PRESS RELEASE – Waltham, MA—March 24, 2010—On Tuesday, President Obama signed into law U.S. health care reform legislation, leaving many Americans wondering how it will affect them, their families, and businesses. The national health care reform bill was modelled on groundbreaking 2006 legislation in Massachusetts requiring all adults in the Commonwealth to have health […]

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