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Techmanity in 2015

Mike Magee Massachusetts has just announced that its physicians will now be required to demonstrate competency in Electronic Health Records.(1) But the potential for good in a marriage of Medicine and Technology goes far beyond individual acceptance and competency. I call that potential, “Techmanity”. Back in 1983, Dr. John A. Benson, Jr., then President of […]

Deconstructing Apple’s New HealthKit – It’s iOS8 Preview

Mike Magee This morning I got an e-mail message from educational media design expert, Paul Schwarz. He’s the founder of Symphony Learning in Boston, and the creator of award-winning software for organizations like Harvard Medical School, Lexia Learning Systems and publisher Houghton Mifflin. His message to me, “Only Apple can take a beautiful idea, create […]

mHealth Summit: Eyes On Funding Trends

John Farrell Dec 6, 2013 on Intel Health site: “For the past four years, I’ve watched thousands of health and technology influencers, developers, policy makers, business leaders, and others pack themselves into the mHealth Summit for a glimpse at the latest in mobile and wireless health technology. And why not? It’s a good time, and […]

Is Our Health Technology Vision Underpowered?

Mike Magee In the lead up to the 2005 White House Conference on Aging, considerable focus was placed on the interface of aging and technology.  As the Conference approached, and an analysis of aging Boomers with high functionality and high expectations came front and center, the vision expanded and raised the question, “How might technology […]

Great Technology: New Thermoplastic Makes 3-D Printed Skull Implants Possible

WIRED Reports: “OsteoFab is the coolest 3-D printed material you’d never want to use. Invented by plastics research firm Oxford Performance Materials (OPM), this first-of-its-kind polyketone can be used by 3-D printers to repair large sections of a damaged skull. It was recently cleared for use by the FDA and is being used in critical surgical procedures […]

How Digital Technology Can Personalize Healthcare

Ralph Snyderman, M.D. ORIGINAL SOURCE: HUFFPOST HEALTHY LIVING – February 18, 2013 “Digital technology has transformed virtually all aspects of how we live, and now it’s ready to revolutionize health care. In The Creative Destruction of Medicine, Dr. Eric Topal makes a convincing argument that the digital revolution will deconstruct how health care is delivered. For […]

2 Steps Forward: Expose Grover and Listen To Nurses

Mike Magee This has undeniably been a year of challenges. Since when did cooperation and compromise become dirty words?  We’re all tied up in knots coming to grips with the fact that the world has changed quicker then our ability to accomodate those changes. It’s catch-up time. But first we have to break free. Here’s […]

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