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Can A Damaged Heart Heal Itself? With a Little Help, Maybe.

Source: AHA Journals Mike Magee At last night’s State of the Union address, President Obama placed Vice President Joe Biden in the command seat as director of the scientific assault on cancer. The destination – a cure for the dreaded and stubbornly complex myriad of disorders that have created so much suffering and loss of […]

Trusting the Experts for Accurate Health Information

Have we educated the public to recognize heart attack symptoms? Hollywood is hot for drama, and when it comes to portraying a person having a heart attack it can be misleading.  Gasping, struggling for a breath, holding the chest as if it is about to explode or clenching an arm tightly all make for great […]

Silent Killer

The incidence of heart disease in women is much higher than many realizeHeart disease is the number one cause of death for American women, with a death rate six times greater than breast cancer. Approximately 8 million women have heart disease. Symptoms are easily missed and some women don’t get the treatment they need. Shani […]

Taking Control of Your Salt Intake

This week’s Health Politics program is about taking control of your salt intake. But that doesn’t just mean removing the saltshaker from your dinner table. Only 15% of the average person’s salt intake comes from the saltshaker. 10% occurs naturally in foods, and a whopping 75% is put into our daily diets by the food […]

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