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Why Did The AMA Support Tom Price?

Mike Magee Not a few health professionals have been asking themselves, “Why did the AMA support  Tom Price for head of HHS”? Their concerns took voice in this week’s New England Journal of Medicine in a piece titled “Care for the Vulnerable vs. Cash for the Powerful – Trump’s Pick for HHS”. In the article, […]

Slaying The “Death Panel” Bull: Taking Control of Your End-of-Life Decisions

Mike Magee This Saturday, April 16, 2011 is National Healthcare Decisions Day – a day set aside to encourage families throughout America to discuss with each other how much care and what kind of care they would like as they approach the end of their lives.(1)  Why advanced planning? Because there is a good chance […]

Why The House of Medicine Needs To Add Nurse Education Funding To Its’ 2011-2012 Legislative Priorities

Mike Magee We will soon add an additional 35 plus million Americans to our health care system with the expectation of improving the overall health, productivity and competitiveness of Americans in the process. Thinking of this challenge in terms of production or provision of services, we are faced with a glaring human resource weakness – […]

Why The Health Bill Is Good For Americans: HHS Video

Link Here.

IOM Hosts Meeting on Potential Human Health Effects of the Gulf Oil Spill

Judy Salerno As oil continues to pour into the Gulf of Mexico, many questions remain unanswered. What are the potential consequences—both physical and psychological—for the short-term and long-term health of residents of affected areas? Is it safe to swim in the ocean? Can we eat seafood from the Gulf? Will drinking water be contaminated?  The […]

“Race to the Top” for Health Care: Who will be our Arne Duncan?

Mike Magee MD In July, 2009, as the battle remained fully engaged on a legislative fix for health care reform, a very different approach to educational reform was announced in Washington. The United States Department of Education released the draft priorities, requirements, definitions and selection criteria for the $4.35 billion “Race to the Top” grant […]

‘Consumers Checkbook’: An Open Response To HHS Secretary Leavitt

HHS says that it wants transparency, but its actions speak differently A few months ago, the two of us (Brian Klepper, top photo, Michael Millenson, bottom photo) – both long-time advocates for transparency and accountability – posted separate comments on Secretary Mike Leavitt’s blog.  Brian asked Secretary Leavitt to square his support of "Chartered Value Exchanges” with […]

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