Exploring Human Potential

2 Steps Forward: Expose Grover and Listen To Nurses

Mike Magee This has undeniably been a year of challenges. Since when did cooperation and compromise become dirty words?  We’re all tied up in knots coming to grips with the fact that the world has changed quicker then our ability to accomodate those changes. It’s catch-up time. But first we have to break free. Here’s […]

Dossia: Under-visioned

New service moves in the right direction, but is still a long way from lifespan planning I was asked recently by an MBA student to give my impressions of Dossia. What is Dossia? In its own words: “The Dossia Founders Group is a consortium of large employers united in their goal of providing employees, their dependents, […]

Google Closing in on Lifespan Health Planning

Mobile phones for planning and adherence By Mike Magee, MD You may have noticed a front-page headline recently in The New York Times: “Google is Pursuing Plans to Put a PC in Every Pocket.” According to the Times, “what Apple began with its iPhone, Google is hoping to accelerate with an ambitious plan to transform […]

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